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Services We Provide

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Bright Work Polishing

With 20+ years under our belt in aircraft maintenance/piloting, the RCA management takes a completely different approach to detailing unlike anyone else. From the use of checklists for detailing, to having a keen eye for maintenance issues, we take care of your aircraft in more ways than getting it clean - we take a look at the overall appearance and bring up any potential issues that could effect your dispatch rate. We understand the significance of safety around aircraft, and our record shows.

Don't let just anyone take care of your plane,

Let our highly trained team handle your detailing needs

** Ask us today about our Aircraft Interior Disinfecting services! **


Single Services

Exterior Wet and Dry Washes

Paint Sealing and Waxing

Oxidation Removal/Paint Brightness Restoration

Ceramic Coating Application - Paint and Brightwork

Scratch Removal - Paint and Brightwork

Bright Work Polishing and Sealing

Pneumatic De-Ice Boot Stripping and Sealing

Landing Gear Cleaning/Detailing

Paint Restoration/Revitalization 

Wing Walk Restoration


Single Services

**Full Interior Disinfecting**

General Interior Cleaning

Carpet Shampoo/Hot Water Extraction

Leather Cleaning, Conditioning, and Restoration

Interior/Cockpit Full Detailing

Lavatory Cleaning

Hard wood tables/cabinets anti-scratch coating

Leather Restoration


Total Appearance Management (TAM) Program

       Our TAM program is the ultimate in aircraft appearance upkeep. With aircraft enrolled on our TAM Program we track the flight schedule for your aircraft/fleet and clean the interior/exterior as needed to keep the aircraft in top-shape for all trips, which will drastically lower operational overhead in your department. With plans ranging from ‘Basic’ to ‘Deluxe’, we completely customize each program to cover your aircraft/fleets individual needs, starting with basic interior/exterior upkeep. We can also roll into your program a wide range of appearance detailing items to include paint sealing, bright-work polishing and upkeep, and full interior detailing services - all at a discounted rate (as compared to standard single service charges). No more needing to keep track of your aircraft's appearance! Our team would track the detailing items and coordinate their completion on a timely schedule. Also available are monthly cleaning reports and maintenance record log entries (RCA is owned and operated by a current FAA Licensed A&P Mechanic/Commercial Pilot - see below). This program is unlike any other. Ask any of our current TAM program clients why we are called the best overall service for your detailing needs.


Your team has more important tasks to complete than calling in cleaning requests.

Let us handle that for you.

Maintenance Record Entries for Cleaning

Having a FAA Licensed Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic might not only be an option - it could be mandatory. In some cases maintenance record log entries are required for cleaning performed depending on make/model of the aircraft (example: Cessna CJ line 30/45/60 day cleaning) as well as for FAR 91, 121 and 135 operators. Our ability to supply such entries set us aside from the rest. Our team has decades of maintenance experience, and brings a keen eye for any potential flight-threatening squawks. You can trust you're in good hands when we handle your aircraft.

We operate at all airports in Southern California 24 hour/day, 7 days/week specializing in turbine aircraft and are completely mobile/self-contained and able to handle ANY of your specific detailing needs

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